Eternal Fantasy

Fantasies are eternal so long as the light of hope lives on in our hearts.No matter where you go,battles will be won and lost. No matter where you turn,evil will lurk. But believe in yourself and you shall come out the victor.This is the chance to live.
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 Lucrecia's Awakening

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PostSubject: Lucrecia's Awakening   Thu Apr 01, 2010 1:36 am

In the cold cave the sound of change hummed on the wind. The sleeping Lucrecia held in her prison of glass started to awake. A small crack at the top of the crystal began to grown the sound of it breaking filled the air and soon the newly awakened Lucrecia was standing in the middle of a large pile of broken crystals. She looked around her wondering what had made the crystal break, deeply confused wondering what to do now...

She crouched down picking up a small crystal a sigh left her lips as she looked at it, "Only one thing to do, start walking..." she said and stepped over the broken crystal pocketing the one she had picked up.
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Lucrecia's Awakening
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